Capitals Engineering - 7464


Robert Gouveia


Robert is a Junior at Sacramento Adventist Academy. He is a very responsible and hard worker. In social environments, he can be both an introvert and an extrovert depending on the situation. In his spare time, he enjoys watching TV, playing video games, snowboarding, and hanging out with his friends. He like science and technology because there are always advances and new things to learn. He has been in Capitals Engineering Robotics for four years and in a leadership role for three years.  He has been involved in all the key elements of an FTC team, including programming, marketing, building, and design. He enjoys Robotics because he likes learning about technology and working with other people. He also sees Robotics as a benefit towards his future academics and career. Robert is a Dean's List Award Semi-finalist.


Trinity Gallaher


Trinity is a Sophomore at Sacramento Adventist Academy. Being the only girl in her family with three older brothers she has discovered how to be very strong and independent. Trinity is involved in a variety activities and it is important for her to stay organized.  She enjoys reading, sleeping and hanging out with friends. She appreciates how much creativity is involved in science and technology. This is her first year participating in Robotics and began the year as a Design Team Lead; however, immediately reflected the skills of a president and was promoted during the semester. By being a member of the Capitals Engineering team, she wants to gain knowledge about engineering and business.


Elijah Gallaher

Director of Operations

Elijah is a Junior at Sacramento Adventist Academy. It is important to him to be kind and caring to others as well as take responsibility for his actions.  He is athletic and works hard at doing his best. His hobbies are basketball, robotics, and video games. He enjoys science and technology because it is fun and he can grasp the concepts very easily, he learns best with hands-on so it’s easy to understand these things. He has been on the Robotics team for two years and has participated in three FTC Competitions.  As a member of Capitals Engineering he looks forward to learning engineering skills, and managing a company, skills he can use later in life, he oversees the Design & Build team as well as the Programming team, and ensuring that they communicate with each other.


Gil Fayard

Director of Finance and Information

Gil is a Junior at Sacramento Adventist Academy. As a Capitals Engineering team member he brings the qualities of friendliness, intelligence and a business minded outlook. In his spare time, he enjoys watching movies, participating in Kung Fu, playing the trumpet, and traveling. Technology brings him enjoyment because it’s always advancing and ever changing. Since this is his first year in Robotics, he is looking forward to participating in FTC activities. By accepting his responsibilities in his job, he hopes to gain financial and administrative skills, increased time efficiency and more organization. As VP of Finance, he is charge of managing and organizing the team's complex financial system. As Director of Information, he manages all work and progress of the team and organizes it into the Capitals Engineering Team Notebook which is a big asset to the team.


Jessi Vietz

Director of Marketing

Jessi is a Freshman at Sacramento Adventist Academy. She really likes animals and the environment, she plans to be a zoologist.  Her hobbies are softball and horseback riding. She has participated in two FTC competitions. Last year she was a member of the Build Team while this year she is leading out the sponsoring and marketing responsibilities for the team.  She looks forward to learning the aspects of marketing for use at her future job.


Oleksiy Korolevych

Marketing & Outreach Team

Oleksiy is a Sophomore at Sacramento Adventist Academy. In general he is smart and clever; however, on a funny note, he can be a clumsy person. During his spare time he enjoys driving RC vehicles, camping, swimming, hiking, video games, and making/designing paper airplanes. Technology and science are intriguing to him because it is improving every day and helping our day to day lives. This is his first year on the Robotics team and he is interested to see how FTC Competitions are run. By working on the Robotics team, he hopes to learn the skills of teamwork and use the experience of our company model for insight when being employed in the future.


Sofia Lindgren

Marketing & Outreach Team

Sofia is in the tenth grade at Sacramento Adventist Academy.  She enjoys taking the lead when interacting with others and enjoys engaging in interesting conversations. Her hobbies are playing piano and writing and her favorite sports are volleyball and softball. She enjoys the area of science and technology because there is always something new to learn. This is her first year being a part of Capitals Engineering and she hopes to learn time management and marketing skills from being a member of the Marketing & Outreach Team.


Simon Song

Information Team

Simon is a Junior at Sacramento Adventist Academy. He is funny and outgoing. In his free time, he plays basketball, volleyball and video games. Technology and science are important to him because they help people’s lives become easier. This is his first year on the Robotics team and he hopes to learn marketing skills. He plays a key part in assisting the Director of Information with ensuring the Engineering Notebook is complete.


Evan Fankhanel

Build & Design Team Leader

Evan is a Junior at Sacramento Adventist Academy. He is intelligent, funny, a hard worker, and a good student overall. He likes to play basketball and football and enjoys watching hockey. He likes to create new things and see how the world of technology works. This is his first year of Robotics and looks forward to leading out in the FTC competitions. From being a Capitals Engineering team member, he hopes to enjoy the experience of working with a team who can run a successful business. He also hopes to gain the knowledge of working within a corporation environment.


Noah Thorbus

Build & Design Team

Noah is a sophomore at Sacramento Adventist Academy.  His hobbies are listening to music and playing video games. He enjoys science, math and computer technology and has appreciated this first year in Capitals Engineering because he is able to use these skills while building the robot.  He hopes to gain additional knowledge all around by being a member of our active Robotics team.


Alan Zhang

Build & Design Team

Alan is a Sophomore at Sacramento Adventist Academy. He is very easygoing and fun to be around. In his spare time, he loves to play basketball, video games, as well as spending his time on the Robotics team. He enjoys technology and science because he likes to learn new things that other people don’t yet know about. Since this is his first year as a Capitals Engineering team member, he looks forward to the FTC Competitions. He is a Build & Design Team member and hopes to learn self-managing skills and more about robotics technology. By the way, he loves Mexican food.


Jacob Wegat

Programming Team Leader

Jacob is a Junior at Sacramento Adventist Academy. As a whole he is a very shy and quiet individual. In his spare time he likes to spend time with technology and taking photos. He really likes the engineering aspect of technology. In the past he has been on the Programming and Build Teams. This year he is mainly focused ad responsible for programming the robot. By being a member of Capitals Engineering he would like to increase his skills of working with other people.  This is his fourth year participating in the Robotics team.


Helen Wong

Programming Team

Helen is a Junior at Sacramento Adventist Academy. She is smart, funny, and passionate about areas she believes strongly in. She loves to swim, go surfing on the internet, watch Youtube, and play Pokemón Go. She enjoys figuring out and understanding new things, which is why she believes she enjoy programming. Since this is her first year being on a Robotics team she is looking forward to experiencing better teamwork skills. As a Programming Team member, she is very involved in just about all the responsibilities of programming our robot.