Preparations for the Tournament.

Preparations for the Tournament
    In this year’s First Tech Challenge tournament, Rover Ruckus, there is a part pf the game that offers points to have the robot hang from a latch. The engineering team is currently focusing their work on the arm for that designated part of the game. So far the arm is successfully wired and the team is trying to figure out how to keep the wires from tangling. Another thing they are focusing on is attaching the collector to its arm and being able to test the collector mechanism. The arm is able to extend and retract but can’t do it on its own, which requires driver control. A group of the engineering team brainstormed and brought up the idea that adding pulleys to the arm to allow it to move easier.
    On the other hand, the marketing team is working on making weekly articles to upload to the website, like this one. The website is still under development for adding this year’s team onto a new page. In preparation for the tournament, marketing will be making another presentation board with pictures and articles. The layout will be similar to last year’s board which was simplistic, sticking with the colors red, black, and white. The supplies are currently being figured out but it is being discussed and preparations are being made.

By Victoria Vang

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