The First Day of Robotics!

After asking some questions, many of the Robotics members didn’t join because of the class credits, they joined because it seemed like a challenge and something new they could enjoy. As for teams, the majority of students wanted to be in Engineering because of their interests to first hand build the robot. Since there are so many new people in Engineering they’ve had to assign team member roles which allowed the design building and engineering creativity to begin right from the start. The Marketing team sure isn’t lacking in participation; however, the team is smaller, but everyone has their own job and was able to have a say in their position. Every team member has said that they will try their best to exceed the expected limits, build each other up; and learn new things to better themselves in the future.

For now, our Instagram and Facebook are not active yet since they are mainly for business purposes. Fortunately, we have created a Snapchat for our Robotics team, which we will use to pique interest. As of now, our website is currently under development of being designed and will be completed soon with articles that will be regularly uploaded.

As of now, everyone is working on their own assignments and projects. The website, Instagram, and Facebook will be up to date soon. Furthermore, with everyone pitching in ideas, our team will transcend forward in no time.

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