What We Learned at EXSEED

Robotics is a big part of all of our lives, and it’s important for us to share that with other people. This last June Robert, Trinity and Elijah, our team leaders, went to EXSEED (Excellence in STEM Experiential Excellence), a conference for classroom teachers across North America, meant to enhance and integrate critical thinking and STEM technology at K-12 Seventh Day Adventist schools. The leaders shared with the teachers the importance of robotics to them and to their teammates as one of their passions in life. Many of teachers that were present showed a real excitement for their schools future with FIRST. Robert, Trinity, and Elijah said that not only was the experience helpful for them, but also for the future of other teams. It’s so exciting to think of the competition that may be present in the near future. Robotics is an important part of the everyday world, if kids can use this experience and benefit from it, then we are one small step towards a better future. Learn More About EXSEED

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