The First Month of Robotics

This past month has been mild with everyone active on their own individual or team assignments. Lead by the instructors and team leaders, everyone is being directed to progress the team forward quickly. Yet have been reminded to use their time wisely and that competitions are coming up shortly.

As of now the Engineering team has been brainstorming ideas that would be required to build the robot. Designing the robot in rough sketches is currently a work in progress and must be reviewed more than twice. Their current design focus is to have the robot transfer the glyphs and where to cut the train drive. For now they have discussed that focusing on teamwork to prepare everything will come first whereas the tactics and strategies will come after. The marketing team however, have been interviewing particular people that have the answers to their questions. With that, they section the parts to be written into articles which will be reviewed before being published.

As a new attribute, a budget has been created by Gil, Director of Information and Finance, with many rough numbers and estimates. The information is collected through Base Camp and by interviewing specific people as to record our income and manage our finance for parts that are prepared to be ordered.

According to Charlie, the status of the blog is almost complete but will be constantly updating for better features. The page is being tested by a few of the Robotics members under specific posted sections which have recently been added. There you can post articles or anything you find cool, it shows who posted it, the time, and date.

The progression of our team is coming along and time is ticking by. But with everyone giving in their best efforts, loads of work and assignments will be completed in no time. As for now there is nothing extremely chaotic but who says that won’t be the future? Which is why everyone is prepared to give it their all.

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