The Reveal

On September 11, 2017 the Relic Recovery was revealed to the Capitals Engineering team. There are several obstacles so far in Relic Recovery, transferring glyphics, balancing the robot on an unstable board, and knocking off the opponent’s jewels off of a stand.

That day Mr. Wade handed out manuels to both the Engineering and Marketing team which, they were instructed to read through. The Engineering team was assigned to come up with some rough sketches of the robot, and have a general idea of what parts were necessary to be ordered ahead of time. In order to do so, they must think of ideas and tactics that would work. Whereas Marketing team was required to find out how the robot would read the pictographs.

The whole robotics team is aware of the rules and are thinking ahead, since we only have a few weeks to build the robot, everyone is anticipating and rushing themselves to push through the hard progression.

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